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enroll for 3 mo. of 3 karate classes per week or more & receive a FREE uniform

Offer ends September 30th

Important Dates:

Sept. 6th
Karate test held after Tai Chi & Padded Weapons classes end. Begins 11:15

Sept. 12th
Promotion night begins at 7PM. All classes held except 8-up BBC class.

Sept. 18th
Last day for entry form/fees for 37th Annual Fall Fighter’s Classic Tournament.

Sept. 28th
Fall Fighter’s Classic Tournament begins 1PM at Ridge Manor Community Center.




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This is what every martial artist should aspire to.

Martial arts is not a sport.


For Adults

Womens Self Defense

Mon. 7:35PM / Wed. 7:20PM


    striking skills (karate, boxing, kickboxing);
    Judo throws, chokes & sweeps; Ju Jitsu take downs
    & joint locks; ground fighting; self defense using
    weapons & against weapons.


Taught by Self Defense Instructor of the Year, William Spivey


The Black Belt Club of America is the original and foremost organization in the United States designed to enhance the character development of martial artist. It is a Boy Scout like program in which the best performing Spivey Karate members work to achieve the American Eagle Award, similar to the Eagle Scout. Participates submit monthly assignments for subjects such as Family Helping Hand, School Helping Hand, Parent Appreciation, Academic Achievement, martial arts improvement & essays on subjects such as courtesy, attitude & determination.

Here is an essay on determination written by 13 year old Cherish Fields.



Determination is a mental disposition and process which is influenced by past experiences and current situations. Past experiences influence determination based the successes and failures. If you failed at a task or activity in the past, you will have less confidence and need more determination to continue or to try again. More determination is needed for something you don't particularly want to do. On the other hand, a high amount of determination is not needed for tasks that come easily. For example, I don't have to have determination on things I want to do such as going to the water park, creating art, or practicing Kata. I need determination for things that are difficult for me such practicing spelling words.

It is easy to focus on things that come easy, and then make excuses and push aside things that are difficult. Sometimes your mind will make excuses for why you are not good at something and this will make it easy to give up. This is the reason determination is necessary. For example, someone in Karate might be really good at test-taking and remembering the Katas, but may not be as good at sparring. It might be easy to make an excuse saying, "Sparring is hard, or sparring just isn't my thing." This is an example of why determination is important. You have to decide to keep trying; keep working to improve. Determination will help you persevere so that you can improve your skills.

Reflecting on your experiences is needed so that you can see what needs to be improved and where you need more determination. Every time you make the decision to be determined, you are improving your mental habits. Unlike a physical habit, a mental habit is not easily recognized. Habits of mind are just as important. Some people have habits of making excuses, blaming others, or quitting. As with any habit, it can be hard to break. Thinking about your decision making process can help to break old habits and make new ones. Making a habit of determination is important if you plan to go through life with the idea that you can always improve. This will help you to make less excuses and better decisions.


Karate College


Grand Champions at the 36th Annual Spivey Karate Summer Samurai Tournament.

Front row (left to right): Logan Gilbreath, Dade City (Karate Kids), Adalee Kraus, Dade City (Lil' Dragons), Jonathan Terry, San Antonio (8-12 male).

Back row; Makenzie Reed, Zephyrhills (8-12 female), Alex Myers, Dade City (Black Belt), Josh Penney, Spring Hill (teen/adult).


Spivey Karate competitors in the Benefit Tournament contributed over 50 toys to the Salvation Army


Spivey Karate students receiving awards and honors at the Awards Banquet in November.