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Open to all Martial Arts styles, schools and ranks, this series of continuous seminars offers an opportunity to learn Traditional Okinawan Weapons from  Grandmaster James Webster, who is the National Kobudo Instructor for The Alliance Martial Arts Network. A student of martial arts since 1974, Grandmaster Webster is a 10th Dan Black Belt in the style of Seito Matsumura Shorin Ryu Karate and 8th Dan in Okinawan Kobudo.

Kobudo Testing and Advancement
Grand Master James Webster

Classes held 16 times in 2024 at Spivey Karate

(see Events / Schedule page for calendar dates)


Next class: June 22nd

A group donation of $60 is expected to cover Grandmaster Webster's travel expenses

kobudo nunchaku vs samurai
kobudo tonfa vs samurai


Webster kama bo1.jpg

Stances for Tashi Kata:

  1. Cat Stance – NEKO ASHI-DACHI

  2. Front Stance – ZENKUTSU-DACHI

  3. Foot-in-front Stance – KOSA-DACHI

  4. Short Horse Stance – NAIHANCHI (OR KIBA)-DACHI

  5. Wide Horse Stance – JIGOTAI-DACHI

  6. Back Stance – KOKUTSU-DACHI

  7. Hourglass Stance – SANCHIN-DACHI

  8. Reverse Ready Stance – -HIDARI ZENKUTSU-DACHI

  9. Hooked Crane Stance – HAKU TSURU-DACHI

  10. Crane Stance – TSURU-DASHI

  11. Front Forward Stance – ASHI-MAI ZENKUTSU-DACHI

  12. Long Front Forward Stance – OI-ZENKUTSU-DACHI

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