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Open to all Spivey Karate students ranked Brown Belt (3rd kyu) or higher, or by invitation/approval by Grandmaster Spivey, this series of continuous seminars is an elevated, yet cerebral training session focused on the physical, mental and strategic elements of advanced point sparring.  Emphasis will be placed on self-reflections and evaluation, offensive and defensive strategies, technique enhancement, ring management, and getting the mind and body to respond in a quick, but controlled manner. There will be ample time for open-sparring at the end of the sessions.  These seminars will be conducted by Bill Spivey, Jr. and may have additional guest instructors.

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Classes held 9 times in 2023 at Spivey Karate

(see Events / Schedule page for calendar dates)

(SATURDAY'S ONLY - Doors open at 9:00AM)

9:30AM - 10:25AM : Ages 8 to 17

10:30AM - 11:55AM : Ages 18 +

Cost: $10 per person to cover expenses.

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