Spivey Karate in Dade City offers a variety of classes for all age groups and levels.


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Woman Practicing Karate

The Lil’ Dragons class is for students ages 4 to 5 years old. The classes are true karate classes specifically designed for that age group.

Students are taught the concepts of discipline, respect, courtesy and determination. Also stressed is learning how to listen, how to follow directions, how discern good activities from bad, and how to cooperate with and interact with a group.

Lil' Dragons

Woman Practicing Karate

Open Style Karate is a system for teaching a methodology that combines the most modern, and up to date methods, and knowledge, of self defense training with the traditional principles of determination, respect, honor, self discipline and courage.  Black Belts are available, usually, within 3 to 5 years of training.

With Open Style karate, the instructor is free to teach whatever is best for the student, regardless of the source. For instance, our beginners learn boxing punches and kickboxing blocks, as well as the traditional karate kicks. As Bruce lee said “Your way may not be my way.” We are free to do whatever is best for the student’s progress, without the interference of an unchangeable style or a master from another country. 

Open Style Karate

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The ancient chinese art of health and exercise practiced by millions daily. Several forms are taught using Chinese Broad Sword, Double Swords and the Chinese Fan.

Benefits include:Better Balance, Increase Strength, Greater Flexibility, Improve Concentration and Stress Relief. Proven To Aid Arthritis & Lupus suffers.


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This program consists of Traditional Japanese Chito Ryu katas, taught in the exact same way that the instructor learned them. All katas stress stance, power, and the perfect execution of each technique in the kata. Great for those students who want to get a feel for the “old school” training.

A Black Belt is possible in 2 years, but normally it takes 3 years of training. This training is available to all Spivey Karate students through the Black Belt Club, or to non-Spivey Karate students as a separate program.

Japanese Chito Ryu Karate

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Open Style Weapons training is safe system of practicing traditional Japanese, Okinawan and Filipino weapons. Students work with the escrima stick, the Bo staff, nunchakus, tonfas, sai, sword, kama and kobutan, learning Filipino, Japanese, American and Okinawan forms.

This training is available to all Spivey Karate students through the Black Belt Club or to non-Spivey Karate students as a separate program.

Normally it takes 3 years to achieve a Black Belt.

Open Style Weapons

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As a certified Soke Grand Master (the creator and founder of his own recognized and registered style of karate), Sensei Spivey can train and promote his students through the advanced Masters level of Black Belt. These levels are 5th Degree through 10th Degree Black Belt.

Advanced Black Belt Training




Self Defense Practice

SMALL CHILD AND ONE PARENT                                                                                    

INCLUDES: 1 Class, 30-45 minutes 

This course teaches how to prevent, and to escape from an abduction. The course covers escapes from wrist and shoulder grabs, front and rear lifts, the hip and over-the-shoulder carry, and hand- over-the-mouth from behind. A parent must attend with the child so that the parent can learn how to retrain the child periodically. 

LARGE CHILD                                                                                                   

INCLUDES: 2 Classes, 45 minutes each

The course teaches defense against adults attempting a kidnapping and against other children assaulting them. The course covers abduction prevention and escapes, various strikes and take downs, proper use of all the weapons that are on the human body, and the best targets to strike. [A large child is defined as a child not easily lifted up off their feet, usually over 7 years old.]


INCLUDES: 3 Classes, 45-60 minutes each

This course is a combination of rape prevention (for the females) and self defense (for the male participates). The course teaches escapes, self defense strategies, striking skills and correct targets, take downs, defense against weapons, and the use of certain common weapons in self defense. 

WARNING: Deadly techniques will be taught in this class because the priority of the course is the survival of the defender in an assault.