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We, at Spivey Karate, are so proud of Sarah Zorn. She was first female ever to lead the corps of cadets at the Citadel Military School. Her drive, determination, integrity and goal setting skills are the same as they were when she was achieving 3 1st Degree Black Belts at Spivey Karate, in Open Style Karate, Weapons & Traditional Japanese Chito Ryu Karate. Included are some photos of her various Black Belt tests.

Black Belt Accomplishments:

Bryan tested for his 1st Dan Black Belt in Open-Style Karate at the age of 14 in February 3, 2023 and successfully passed. He began training with Spivey Karate on July 18, 2019. During that time, he has achieved Black Belts in traditional Japanese Chito-Ryu Karate & Open Style Weapons. He is currently working toward his 2nd Degree Black Belts in all 3 of the disciplines and is currenly training in Traditional Okinawan Kobudo (Weapons).

Bryan Smith Black Belt



Every martial artist should aspire to this level of discipline. Imagine the sound of 12,000 people rising to a five minute long standing ovation.


Watch the video and be inspired. 

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