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Training Tournaments, hosted by Spivey Karate, are for all levels of competition from first timers to seasoned competitors.  Although there is a degree of competition, these events are provided as a safe and friendly environment to further development a "Warrior Spirit" that hones techniques, tests courage and builds self-esteem as students make their way through their martial arts training and onto future regional & state level events. Unlike Open Tournaments, winning first place is secondary to learning & improving. Participation by schools or students outside of Spivey Karate is welcome and per-registration is highly recommended.

January 20, 2024
45th Annual Winter Warriors
March 16, 2024
45th Annual Spring Dragon-Fire
July 20, 2024
41st Annual Summer Samurai - Spar Wars
September 15, 2024
45th Annual Fall Fighters
November 3, 2024
24th Annual Holidays Benefit

Upcoming Events

2024 Points Standings

Spivey Karate awards points from results of our Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday Benefit Training Tournaments. The button below will direct you to the current points standings.

Spivey Karate Training Tournament results, along with other Open Tournament results across the US, are incorporated into The Alliance National Points Race. The button below will direct you to the current points standings.

Front row (left to right):

   Arya Marocki  (8-12 Female)

   Sami Baros (6-7 Karate Kids)

   Aurora Grandrino  (4-5 Lil' Dragons)

   Shiraz Cardona (8-12 Male) - Henry Graves Martial Arts Academy in Orlando

Back row (left to right):

   Nathan Fehr (Black Belt) - Shuhari Martial Arts in Sarasota

   Owen Smith (Teen/Adult)

2024 Spring Grand Champions.jpg

Front row (left to right):

   Jr. Grandrino (4-5 Lil' Dragons)

   Scarlett Prioa (8-12 Female)

   Aaron Sciongay (8-12 Male )

   E. J. Marocki (6-7 Karate Kids)

Back row (left to right):

   Amber Rogers (Teen/adult)

   Bill Spivey Jr. (Black Belt)

Winter champions 24_edited.png


(left to right, back row):

   Amber Rogers (Beginner Teen/Adult)

   Bill Spivey Jr. (Male, Black Belts)

   Tara Linnell (Female, Black Belts)

   Owen Smith (Advanced Teen/Adult)

   Alyssa Bruce (Beginner 10-12 yr. old)

(left to right, front row:)

   Bryson Prescott (Advanced 10-12 yr. old)

   Junior Grandrino (4-5 yr. old Lil' Dragons)

   Miko Lanes (6-7 yr. old Karate Kids)

   Dexter Pendzick (Advanced 8-9 yr. old)

   Aaron Sciongay (Beginner 8-9 yr. old)

2023 Holiday Benefit Grand Champions_edited.jpg
(left to right, back row):

   Carson Brand (male 6-7 yr. old Karate Kids)

   Ginny Donahue (female 8-12 yr. old)

   Bill Spivey Jr. (Black Belts)

(left to right, front row:)

   Junior Grandrino (4-5 yr. old Lil' Dragons)

   Ashton Ahl (male 8-12 yr. old)

   Owen Smith (Teen/Adult)

   Sami Baros (female 6-7 yr. old Karate Kids)

2023 Fall Fighters Grand Champions
(left to right):

   Owen Smith (Teen/Adult)

   Junior Grandrino (4-5 yr. old Lil' Dragons)

   Carson Brand (male 6-7 yr. old Karate Kids)

   Scarlett Proia (female 8-12 yr. old)

   Matt Donahue (male 8-12 yr. old)

   Sami Baros (female 6-7 yr. old Karate Kids)

2023 Spar Wars Champs

Training Tournament Rules

1.  General

  • Spivey Karate reserves the rights of admission and/or participation.

  • Divisions may separate competitors by utilizing several factors such as sex, age, height, and weight. Incorrect registration will not receive refund.

  • It is the responsibility of each Instructor, Coach, person in charged and or participants to know and understand the Rules of the Tournament.

  • Spectators and Instructors are encouraged to cheer (positive), not jeer (negative).

  • The attitude and conduct of spectators, instructors, and participants before, during and after competition should always reflect humility, respect, and restraint. Parents / Adults should remember that children and young adults reflect the authority figures around them.

  • Martial Arts is not a sport.Training Tournaments seek to provide a controlled and safe environment where techniques are implemented at a high level, respect for others is displayed and an honorable “Warrior Spirit” is cultivated. Every competitor should self-reflect after competition to learn and improve.

2.  Katas/Forms and Weapons

  • Judges will use Open-Style Scoring, which does not account for correctness, but on techniques and performance. Critique starts from entering ring to leaving ring.

  • Scoring for non-black belt divisions will start at 5.0; Black belt divisions will start at 6.0.

  • All weapons should be in good working order for the safety of others in attendance.

3.  Sparring

  • Mouthguard and cup & supporter are required.

  • No coaching is allowed once the division has been called to line-up for competition.

  • Sparring is a game of tag with light contact.

  • Point required to win the match are based on belt rank on the list below:

  1. If division has a sufficient number of competitors, divisions will be based on age, rank and male/female.

  2. If division participation is low then the following handicap scoring system will be used:

a.  If two competitors are of equal rank, the first competitor to three (3) points wins.

b.  If two competitors are not of equal rank, the lowest rank must score two (2) points and the other must score additional points for each rank higher than the competitors’ rank.


  • There will be a minimum of three (3) Judges with two (2) required to call a point, even if there are up to five (5) Judges.

  • Judges are only to call points that they directly see.

  • One foot in ring required for kicks and punches, even if opponent is out of ring.

  • Techniques allowed:

              Side of head, top of head

              Front and side of body

              Pulled punches and kicks to the head only

              Shin kicks (rear-leg only) to body

              Knee to body counts (red belt+)

  • Techniques Prohibited or that do not count:

              Stationary lead hand punch to the body for ages 8+

              Blocks used to attack

              Kicks or punches that just go over the head

              Finger or claw strikes

              Sweeps, ground techniques or throws

              Below the belt

              Face contact (judgement call) or back of head

              Blind techniques

  • Excessive or illegal targets/techniques will be called immediately and may receive a warning or disqualification. All warnings carry forward to proceeding matches.


Handicap Sparring Points
80s BB pic after ZH tournament

Picture of Black Belts taken in 1989 after FAKF Training Tournament held at the Zephyrhills Lion's Club. Back Row: Philip Hernandez (Zephyrhills), Cliff Hall III (Dade City), Bill Spivey Jr. (Zephryhills), Orin J. Abner (Dade City), John Foster (Spring Hill), Larry Losciale (Inverness).  Front Row: Shanda Welsh (Dade City), Eddie Gottsman (Brooksville), Terry Jackson (Dade City), Deryk Gunn (Zephryhills), Shane Finch (Zephryhills), and Billy Naylor (Brooksville)

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